Accelerated Mobile Pages – Edifying Your Website E-Hype:
By availing the commendable services of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your website is assured to get a high ranking in the Google and other platforms, yet AMP is something to ice your cake in this scenario.

AMP is an added benefit to boost your website ranking on the high-rated platform of Google only. Empire IT Solutions provide you with this facility on the following essential perspectives:

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Result Oriented Goals

As introduced by Google, Empire IT Solutions follow the right implementations of AMP, so that the results are guaranteed.

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Tech Expertise

The tech experts of Empire IT Solutions work on the exact policies of Google so that you get the upright results of AMP services.

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AMP is an open source code needed to be embedded within your website, which makes it able to get faster loading results in the top-rated search engine i.e. Google.

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Proficient Mobile Browsing

The greatest performance improvement that AMP brings to your website is the optimization of speed.

Is AMP Really Worth?
The obvious answer to this question is undoubtedly, ‘Yes’, but, how? To explore this certainty the recent surveys of AMP analysis advocate this very fact that the implementation of AMP on the relevant website is resulted to be boosted at a speed of 400% enhancement, and consequently improving the loading performance at about 10% decremented bandwidth. Due to this eminent efficiency of AMP, Empire IT Solutions provide with the best AMP services.

Smart Phone’s Major Influence

Yet beyond the technical preferences of AMP, the reason that pushes this tech innovation in an introduction is the wide range usage of smartphones in the present times. You might think a person without having the facility of a personal laptop, although there is 99% surety of every individual having the use of a smartphone as casualty. Due to the most frequent use of Internet of mobile devices, the web pages are more likely to be visited on these devices. In essence, AMP modules let your website getting an easy access on the mobile devices so that a massive number of visitors are gathered at your site.

Increased Performance

Google is a giant infrastructure of a high-hyped search engine. There is no doubt that a website is definite to be best publicized with its top-ranking at this prominent site. AMP is a new technique of advanced times which is presented by Google, to help websites get good promotion through mobile optimization. The success of this tech module is guaranteed by the proven records of previous websites experienced noteworthy improved performance.

AMP Basics

To explore the assure efficiency of AMP embedded within your website, Empire IT Solutions works with all its proficiency implemented with keen concern. However, the basics of AMP at Empire IT Solutions are comprised of three core steps as listed below.

HTML Restriction

AMP works with the special HTML tags which are designed to increase the efficiency of mobile browsing. We imply this HTML alteration within your website design so that you get the desired outcomes.

JavaScript Solution

JavaScript is a proficient coding within your website design to obtain the expected forms of interaction, yet some of the features of JavaScript block specific webpage rendering. With AMP alteration we use a third-party JavaScript, to allow only asynchronous JavaScript, avoiding any blockage.

HTTP 2.0 Implementation

As a page embedded with AMP HTML is crawled by the Google spiders, it delivers a quick response on the search requests, along with other modules of web-coding, via HTTP 2.0, which results in maximum efficiency.